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Bad Breath

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Bad Breath is be an issue we can all face! Garlic is an example!

However, when it comes from an infection in the gums/teeth, if it is treated early by a Dentist and Hygienist the risk of disease spreading and causing other problems can be removed.

Bad breath can be caused by many factors, but commonly, it is caused by a dental infection – Periodontitis, which is an infection of the gums and bones supporting the teeth. If this is allowed to spread, the bone support of the teeth is lost and the teeth become loose and will eventually fall out.

Your Dentist will look at your gums and bone support. An Xray will probably be recommended – this will be a full-head Xray to check on bone support of the roots of all the teeth. Based on what your Dentist finds, a diagnosis will be made. Your Dentist will discuss all the findings with you, and recommend the way forward.

Periodontal disease can be treated by then visiting the Periodontist and Hygienist. They will remove stain and calculus [tartar] and then show you how to maintain your mouth in tip top condition: they can advise you how best to clean around and between your teeth.

After the diagnosis has taken place, the Periodontist and Hygienist and periodontist will recommend the necessary products or treatments that maybe required to help you to remove plaque from throughout your mouth.


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