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Decay, Diet and Fluoride

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We all love to eat many different types food and we enjoy having various drinks.

However, the best way is to BE WISE!

The cause of tooth decay is NOT sugar and or acid drinks but FREQUENT sugar and or acid drinks.

After sugar is eaten, mouth bacteria feed on the sugar and produce acid. The acid proceeds to dissolve the tooth enamel. After an hour, the saliva washes the acid away.

So, if sugar is eaten often throughout the day, the mouth is often acidic and the enamel is often under attack. If fizzy drinks which are acidic are drunk as well, the mouth is acidic for an even longer time, and cannot recover and go back to normal.

The best rule to be wise, is to only eat sugar once or twice daily.

Your dentist and hygienist will advise you on dietary matters. If you have any queries, please just ask!

As to toothpaste – fluoride has been proved to enter the enamel of the tooth and to make it more resiliant against decay. Your dentist and hygienist will advise you which toothpaste is best for you, and whether you fall into the category [heavily filled teeth] which would mean that 4-6 monthly fluoride applications are recommended.

Again, ask your dentist and hygienist!

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