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Emergency Treatment

Lost filling? Problem tooth? Broken denture?

Pain? Toothache? See a dentist QUICKLY 01344 429485 Mon–Saturday. Open from 8. FREE parking. Bracknell Station only 5 mins walk away. Emergency slots daily, so usually, you will be seen the same day!

We know exactly how you feel! People have told us that it can be difficult to get in to see a dentist quickly. We can do that for you.

You will be welcomed by one of our friendly receptionists, who will give you the forms which the dentist asks for, for you to fill in. You can relax and unwind in our quiet waiting room.

Then you will be seen by the dentist and their qualified dental nurse, who will endeavour to see to your problem as quickly as possible.  Your dentist will take a look at your problem, and explain all your options to you. Then, your dentist will give you a handwritten costing [this is NOT left up to a receptionist] before any treatment starts. You can go through this with your dentist, and have only the treatment that YOU choose to have. YOU are in the driving seat.

If Xrays need to be taken, they will be developed straight away.

People have told us in the past, that they were concerned that their injection would not being given enough time to work. In Glenmore, all our dentists will make sure that you are 100% numb – they will ask you if you are ready and no-one will start without YOUR say-so. Obviously, if you can still feel something, the dentist will give you a “top-up”.

A few patients are really anxious about having treatment. Glenmore offers Dental Sedation. Your dentist can explain about this – tablets-by-mouth, and will organise another appointment for you to have this.

Children are only treated for routine or emergency treatment if their parents are regular patients at the practice.

We are the practice for you if

  • you value a relaxed atmosphere – many of our patients drop off in the waiting room!
  • you need an urgent appointment
  • you appreciate a dentist who will explain everything to you and who gives you a written costing [not done by just a receptionist] BEFORE any treatment is started
  • you value a safety net – the practice is open all year round, including between Christmas and New Year. We only every close on Sundays and Public Holidays
  • you want to be able to park easily or to be able to walk quickly through from Bracknell town centre

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