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Pain? Dental abscess? Root filling/endodontic treatment? Toothache? 01344 429485 for a QUICK appointment with a dentist at Bracknell Emergency, Cosmetic and Routine Dentists @ Glenmore. The dentists have daily emergency slots for people in pain.

People are often worried about root treatments. We know this, as patients new to us have told us.         The dentists here at Glenmore want every enquirer to know that this is a practice where, you, the patient are in the driving seat. Especially when it comes to pain control.                                                        Adequate anaesthetic will always be administered by your dentist. Your dentist will then ask you whether you are numb, and will only proceed if you say that you feel numb. If you feel anything at all, you just have to say, and your dentist will stop immediately, and give you a top-up.

Endodontic treatment is carried out by your dentist if the dental pulp is infected, or the tooth is broken or heavily decayed. It is done so that the dentist can save the tooth, the alternative being extraction.

Your dentist will remove the dental pulp and replace it with a root-filling. The procedure is relatively easy to do on a front tooth which has only one root which is straight. However, a molar has three roots which are curved. So this is more complicated for the dentist and will take longer: 2-3 visits are necessary for the dentist to complete a molar root filling thoroughly.

If infection is present [an abscess] your dentist may prescribe antibiotics. [These are available at the practice to save you the bother of going to the chemist.]

If the infection refuses to go away, another procedure can be carried out in a few months. This is an apicectomy, when the tip of the tooth is removed with the infected tissue. This type of procedure is usually referred to a Hospital Specialist.

After the dental pulp has been removed, the tooth tends to become brittle, and your dentist will recommend a crown, after the root filling has settled down completely.

The practice is open from 8am Monday – Saturday and is open all year round including the period between Christmas and New Year. We only ever close on Sundays and Bank/Public Holidays.

Early morning, lunchtime, evening and Saturday appointments are available for emergencies and also for routine treatment.

Children are only treated for routine or emergency treatment if their parents are regular patients at the practice.

The practice has free parking and is a very quick walk from the town centre via Bracknell Train/Bus Station.

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