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Need an extraction QUICKLY? Bracknell Emergency, Cosmetic and Routine Dentists @ Glenmore 01344 429485. The dentists have daily emergency slots for urgent appointments.

The first thing to note is that teeth extraction varies from person to person and every case is different. Your dentist will advise you what can be done, how and when and what is best for you.                              If the extraction is deemed to be straightforward it may be taken out there and then, but this is not the case for all patients.

Teeth cannot be taken out there and then if infection is present, as the infection may spread and the tooth may not go numb, as it is surrounded by infection. If this is the case, your dentist would prescribe antibiotics [these are available at Glenmore to save you a trip to the chemist] and the dentist would arrange for you to come back when the infection is cleared – usually in about 5 days’ time.

Anxious about extractions? Your dentist can arrange another appointment for Sedation: tablets-by-mouth.





Wisdom teeth

We have 28 teeth + 4 wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are right at the back and they come through last. Some people have enough room, and their wisdom teeth cause no trouble. Others have lower wisdom teeth which are not properly upright as there may not be enough room. The gum overlying the teeth may become infected. If this happens, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics. If the infection returns more than 2-3 times, your dentist may recommend that the teeth be extracted.

Some lower wisdom teeth are easy to extract as they are relatively upright and not close to the nerve in the lower jaw.

Other teeth are problematic – they are at an angle or may be close to the nerve in the lower jaw.           These have to be referred to a Specialist in a hospital. There, they can be removed with an ordinary injection or under general anaesthetic – the Hospital Specialist would discuss this with you.


The practice is open from 8am Monday – Saturday and is open all year round including the period between Christmas and New Year. We only ever close on Sundays and Bank/Public Holidays.

Early morning, lunchtime, evening and Saturday appointments are available for emergencies and also for routine treatment.

Children are only treated for routine or emergency treatment if their parents are regular patients at the practice.

The practice has free parking and is a very quick walk from the town centre via Bracknell Train/Bus Station.

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