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Your First Visit

New to the area? Tel 01344 429485 to see a Bracknell Dentist QUICKLY for a check up. Open from 8am Mon – Saturday. We only ever close on Public Holidays & Sundays and are open between Christmas & New Year. Bracknell Emergency, Cosmetic & Routine Dentists @ Glenmore.                                             The Periodontist, Dentists, Implant Dentists, Hygienists, Dental Nurses and Receptionists all say WELCOME!

First visits are very important to you. We understand this. Putting your foot in the water in a new dental practice with new people can be a worry!

So we are letting you know what will happen at your first visit to see one of our Dentists.

It is best to come along about 10 minutes before your actual appointment with our Dentist, so that you have the time to relax in our waiting-room and have the time to fill in the 2 forms that the Dentist requires. You will be greeted by one of our pleasant receptionists and given these 2 forms to fill in.

The Dentist will ask the Dental Nurse to bring you to the surgery, and if you have found anything perplexing on the 2 forms, do not worry – the Dentist will go through everything with you.

The Dentist will then have a look at your teeth, gums and the bone supporting your teeth, and also the soft tissues inside your mouth. A charting will be carried out – the Dental Nurse will write everything down at the request of the Dentist. When this is finished, the Dentist will start to discuss with you any clinical issues which have been found. If Xrays are indicated, these can be done straight away and developed straight away. The Dentist can recommend the little Xrays which go inside your mouth and show a small area or the full mouth Xray which shows all your teeth, roots and the bone supporting the roots.

Your Dentist will then go through your Xrays with you and tell you what can be seen and what needs to be done.

The most important thing to say, is, that you are in the driving seat! Nothing will be carried out without your say so, and your Dentist will discuss everything with you before starting any treatment. Your Dentist will give you a written costing  before any treatment is carried out. Your Dentist will do this – it is NOT left up to a receptionist.

Can you afford it? If money is a problem, again, do not worry – speak to your Dentist who can advise you about the options, and the timing of treatment. Rome was not built in a day! There is nothing to stop you phasing your treatment so that you have one item a month [say] in order to spread the cost. Just speak to your Dentist!

Worried about the actual treatment? The Dentists here offer Dental Sedation – tablets-by-mouth. Speak to your Dentist! Another appointment can be organised for you to have this done.

Contact Bracknell Emergency, Cosmetic and Routine Dentists @ Glenmore on 01344 429485 to see how we can help you.

The practice is open Mon – Saturday and only every closes on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Children are only seen for emergency or routine treatment, if their parents are regular patients.

The practice offers early morning, lunchtime, afternoon, early evening and Saturday appointments for an appointment with one of our Dentists or Hygienists.

There is free parking, and the practice is a very quick walk through [via the Railway Station] from Bracknell town centre.

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