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Health and Safety

Extensive training is given to all members of staff to ensure that all Health and Safety procedures are closely followed.

Sterilisation. Cross Infection and its Control

We follow all the latest advice given by the experts.

All instruments, drills and drill bits are sterilised between each patient.

As many disposable instruments as are possible are used.

The surgery staff all wear clinical gloves and these are changed after each patient and all surfaces are disinfected after every treatment.

For the full head X-ray, you the patient must bite on a plastic part of the machine to steady your head within the machine. This plastic bite block is sterilised after each use.

All staff who work in the surgeries know and understand the importance of good Cross Infection Control, and are trained to follow procedures to the letter.

All procedures are written down, and are in the staff training manual.

If you have any queries about our policies or methods, please do not hesitate to speak to your dentist at your appointment, or your hygienist. Any of the dental nurses will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Xray safety

This is taken very seriously at Glenmore.

All procedures follow the recommendations of the Law.

All staff who work with Xrays [assist with the taking of, developing or filing of X-rays] are fully trained in all procedures, as required by Law.

All X-rays are taken by qualified persons, that is, by the dentists or by the dental nurse who has the NEBDN Qualification in Dental Radiography.

Every possible precaution is taken to ensure that the X-rays that are taken are of a high diagnostic quality so that re-takes are unnecessary.

Every X-ray taken is logged and an audit is carried out to check that high standards are regularly maintained.

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