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Peridontal Disease

See a Specialist Periodontist in Bracknell. 01344 429485. Periodontal Disease causes pus under the gums and consequent bad breath. It is a disease of the structures that surround and support the teeth:               GUMS and BONE.

These structures are affected due to inadequate oral hygiene [and smoking] over time.                       Smoking causes problems because the gums are affected by the tar/chemicals/heat passing over the gums – the blood vessels contract and thus the gums are starved of oxygen over time.                                 Illness such as diabetes can also play a part.

Once infection is present and if it remains untreated, it builds up, resulting in pus under the gums and very bad breath. Over time, the infection eats away at the bones supporting the roots of the teeth, the bone support is lost, the teeth become loose and eventually fall out.

Our Specialist Peroidontist will examine your mouth, and probably want to check the state of the bone support of the roots of your teeth with a full head Xray. The Specialist will go through your Xray with you to show how advanced the problem is and which of your teeth can be treated, and which teeth cannot.   All the options will be explained to you and a full costing will be given to you before treatment by the Specialist Periodontist [NOT a receptionist].

The Periodontist will take your case on and give treatment, over time. When your condition is stabilised, your Periodontist may suggest that your care can be taken over by our hygienists, with just an occasional overseeing appointment by the Periodontist.



New evidence has now suggested that Periodontal Disease is actually unhealthy for your body and can lead to long-term infection.

Research suggests that if Periodontal Disease is untreated then this can lead to a higher chance of having cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

Additionally it can also affect pregnant women. Pregnant women who have Periodontal Disease are seven times more likely to have a premature baby than pregnant women whose periodontal health is good.

Periodontal Disease will also affect appearance because it destroys the gums overlying and between the teeth leading to an appearance which used to be called “long in the tooth”. This shows when you smile.  In these cases a discreet gum facade can be made which is not only comfortable but also restores appearance of the gums.


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