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Having had experience in the industry since 1986 we have given prevention advice to many of our patients. The advice varies from periodontal disease and decay to advice on bleeding gums and bad breath.

PREVENTING FUTURE PAIN AND DISEASE from happening to you is the aim of this modern dental practice. At Glenmore Dental practice we aim to make sure that we see our clients regularly, this way we partly take responsibility and can hence diagnose and solve a problem before it can worsen. Our belief is that customers should leave happy and satisfied with their treatment whilst having had the best advice on prevention of future disease or pain.

Very few of our patient telephone in with pain or emergencies as all their problems have been dealt with! Prevention is better than cure!

Dental disease – decay and periodontitis, is entirely preventable. So prevention and early interception are our fundamental activities for you.

Treating pain and extracting teeth used to be the main aim of dentists in the past!

We believe that your dental health deserves a shared responsibility of care – your dentist and hygienist can advise you what to do and you have to go and do it!

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