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Snoring, Nightguards, Occlusal Splints and Gum Facades

Snoring bothers you? Grind your teeth & need an occlusal splint? Need a gum shield or sports mouthguard?  Tel 01344 429485 –  Bracknell Emergency, Cosmetic and Routine Dentists @ Glenmore

A small device which made by your dentist and worn at night can be surprisingly helpful.

Many people grind their teeth. Nightguards are made to help stop this wear and tear on the teeth.

Occlusal splints are useful for those few people who have problems with their bite.

After periodontal disease, when bone has been lost, unsightly spaces will show (especially in the front when you smile) where the gum/bone has rotted away. If you have this problem, please do come and see one of our dentists, as a discreet gum façade can be made and fitted by the dentist which is very comfortable and restores a youthful appearance.

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