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A career in Dentistry. Dental Nursing: the NEBDN National Diploma taught in Bracknell, Thatcham and Guildford. Tel Bracknell Emergency, Cosmetic and Routine Dentists on 01344 429485

The practice owner, the dentists, periodontist and hygienists aim to bring in experienced dentists and hygienists who will contribute positively within the practice by offering excellent treatment to our patients and who are caring and pleasant.

They also wish to bring in staff who will give exceptional support to them, thus enabling Glenmore to offer excellent treatment to our patients. To achieve these aims, we look to attract the most talented, professional and committed candidates from the widest available talent pool.

We look after our staff and actively look to work only with pleasant professional people to promote a calm relaxed environment for patients and staff.

We also aim to ensure that everyone at Glenmore can develop to their full potential.

Glenmore Provides Unique Career Development for dental nurses and the administrative staff.

Whether you are just starting out or are looking for the next step, bringing your career to Glenmore is one of the most fulfilling and exciting decisions you can make. You’d be joining a practice which places enormous loyal value on its employees, and where the traditional aim of helping people [patients and other staff] goes hand in hand with modern working practices.

Training is an important part of what we do at Glenmore.

A broad range of learning and skill enhancement possibilities exists, from general workplace skills in the surgery and reception, through to specific programmes leading to a recognised qualification. All dental nurses within Glenmore as required by Law are either fully qualified and registered with the General Dental Council, or trainee dental nurses working towards the dental nurse qualification – NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing (awarded by the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses).

Trainees attend the NEBDN dental nursing course taught by Mrs Hatchard and Dr Schneider in Bracknell. Over the years, they have taught most of the Dental Nurses in Berkshire!                   (They also teach the NEBDN National Diploma Course in Guidlford and Thatcham).

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Support for Training & Development of dental nurses & administrative staff.

Glenmore aims to ensure that all persons have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to contribute to their maximum potential and that they are fully supported whilst in training.

Support includes:

  • full induction training for all new employees
  • structured on-the-job programmes which is supported by everyone within Glenmore
  • personal and communication skills training
  • 100% financial support and study leave [time off in lieu] for all professional qualifications and CPD courses
  • encouragement and 100% financial support for staff to join their professional organisations such as the British Association of Dental Nurses
  • 100% financial support for GDC registration and Professional Indemnity from the British Association of Dental Nurses (see the website
Qualifications which Glenmore DNs have recently gained

include the

  • NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing which allows the DN to apply to the General Dental Council to be included on the Register of Dental Care Professionals
  • NEBDN Dental Radiography – allowing qualified DNs to take XRays of patients
  • NEBDN Dental Sedation Nursing – allowing qualified DNs to assist in Dental Sedation – assessing and monitoring patients
  • NEBDN Oral Health Education – qualified DNs can give patients advice about all aspect of their Oral Health
Continuing Professional Development

We are enthusiastic and take every opportunity to increase our knowledge and skills. Everyone attends postgraduate courses as required by the GDC. The knowledge acquired from these courses is passed on to the other people in the practice.

Mrs Hatchard works with the British Association of Dental Nurses to organise the yearly BADN February Study Day at the Bracknell Hilton which is open to BADN members and non-members.   For more information go to or

The dentists have attended study days which include the latest techniques in Cross Infection Control, Health and Safety, radiation, bite analysis, bleaching, veneers and advanced restorative dentistry. Our hygienists attend refresher courses in hygiene treatment. All read the professional journals avidly. Our dental nurses attend study days covering such topics as radiography, modern dental nursing methods, sedation, clerical duties.

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