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Why See our Dental Hygienists

Periodontal problems? Tartar? Calculus? Bad breath? For a QUICK dental appointment tel 01344 429485 Bracknell Emergency, Cosmetic & Routine Dentists @ Glenmore

Our Dentists, Specialitst Periodontist and Hygienists are very experienced.

More importantly, they are all very kind. They know that this type of problem is a terrible worry to some people who are very afraid that they might be losing their teeth. All may not be lost! It will take one appointment with one of our Dentists for you to quickly find out what CAN be done! rather than you worrying and doing nothing!

Alternatively, you may be the type of case which just requires a scale and polish with the hygienist!

At your appointment, your Dentist will examine your teeth, gums and the bone supporting the roots of your teeth, and will then probably recommend a full-head all-round Xray which will show all your teeth and roots. Your Dentist will then go through the Xray with you to see how advanced any Periodontal Disease actually is, or not!

If it is advanced, your Dentist may recommend you to our Specialist Periodontist.

The Specialist Periodontist will treat you over a period of time, and then, may recommend that you see our Hygienists for maintenance.

Our Hygienists are very experienced and have very intricate skills, which allows them to remove calculus [known as tartar and is calcified food deposits] thoroughly from your teeth and root surfaces. Another example, is removing staining and polishing the teeth.

It is extremely vital that calculus is removed as it traps more food and can lead to infection.

Your Hygienist will let you know of areas which require more attention of your attention when brushing your teeth and cleaning between your teeth. This will help you to ensure the health of your gums. Your Hygienist will also advise you which oral hygiene aids are best for your particular case.

Additionally, the Hygienists will advise you on the type of diet which will make sure that your teeth do not decay = INFREQUENT sugar/acidic drinks. Fluoride toothpaste is a help, here. Research shows, that it strengthens the enamel against acid attack. Your Hygienist will advise you as to which toothpaste is best for your particular case.

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